62B District Court
DWLS Online Case Negotiation

Kentwood, MI

DWLS Online Case Negotiation

The 62B District Court is providing this online portal to help you restore your license so you may be considered for a lesser charge than Driving While License Suspended.

What is DWLS Online Case Negotiation?

It's a program offered by the 62B District Court that will help guide you through the necessary steps to clear your license suspension(s) and possibly resolve your pending Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge. Depending on your record and your individual situation, the court may extend a plea offer for a less serious charge, lower fines, or both.

Why should I use the program?

There are many steps to getting your license back, and to the legal process involved with a DWLS charge. This program will help walk you through those steps. You'll also get helpful reminders to keep you on track. And you can interact with the court online, reducing your need to physically go to the courthouse to speak to them.

Is there a fee for online DWLS resolution?

No. You may be responsible for fines and fees owed to the court or the Secretary of State, just as you would without the online program, but there is no fee for utilizing the online program. It is a service of the 62B District Court to help you.