54A District Court
Online Case Review

Lansing, MI

What are the benefits of online case review?

Itís free and you can do it at your convenience from home, work, school, using your phone, tablet or computer.

Traffic Ticket? You could get your charge changed to one with no or fewer driver's license points. And you can do it online rather than going to court.

Warrant? Resolve a fail-to-pay warrant without getting arrested or coming to court to see the judge. Please note, if you are searching by case number, the case number must match exactly as the court has in their records. If you do not know your exact case number contact the court.

Parking Ticket? Have the magistrate review your explanation online.

Why does the court allow online case review?

To help you resolve your case quickly, when itís convenient for you. You donít have to wait for a court date, take a day off work or school, and itís easy to do online! If you disagree with the decision, you can still ask for a hearing in front of the judge.